Summer Jobs

Hi Class,

I’d like to use the blog to share summer job opportunities.  As I mentioned in class, I think you would all benefit by pursuing summer jobs that will allow you to explore career options and allow you to gain experience relevant to your major.  I think there are plenty of paid positions out there and I would recommend looking for a paid position over an unpaid position.

The National Science Foundation supports programs called Research Experiences for Undergraduates.  Here is a website where you can search these opportunities –  I did an REU in college and it changed my career path.  I spent the summer in the Dominican Republic studying seed dispersal by herbivorous iguanas.  I learned a lot about ecology, earned a $3000 stipend,  got a nice tan, and met people who helped me get into graduate school.

I encourage you all to use the blog to share details about potential positions that your classmates might be interested in.

Dr. Hartley




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4 responses to “Summer Jobs

  1. diseaseecology

    Here is a website with some advertisements for health careers opportunities in Denver.

  2. psteven

    Thanks Dr. Hartley! I plan on signing up for Tri-beta as soon as I’m done with cell bio.

  3. Jennifer Manfredo

    Thank you Dr. Hartley! I’m part of the BA/BS-MD program, so I already have something for summer, but I will definitely keep this in mind!

  4. camilletan

    Thank you for doing this Dr. Hartley! This along with going into your office hours will help me keep my options open for next summer! It’s good to know that i’m not alone through this process!

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